Ingrown toenails do I need surgery?

You probably aren’t as in need of ingrown toenail surgery as you believe you may be.

Ingrown toenails can be incredibly painful. They can be so tender to touch that even the bedsheet or a sock can create pain that makes you wish you could simply remove the whole toe.

Ingrown toenails do I need surgery?

This ingrown toenail requires treatment by a podiatrist

The side of the toe most often first becomes painful then a red discolouration begins and progresses to become looking like a sore with blood, puss or a discharge coming from the area (mmmm yum)

Many people resort to pain killers and numerous Home remedies, hacks or tips provided as advice by great aunt Norma to get relief.

Other patients will head to their local medical centre to consult a GP who diligently provides you with antibiotics to clear the now infected nails. Unfortunately, antibiotics will not fix the problem. You see the nail is “ingrown” and the offending piece of nail acts as an irritant.

Think about having a splinter of wood or metal in your finger if you take antibiotics. Yes, the infection will temporarily go away, but unless you remove the offending piece of the splinter, the infection will quickly return once antibiotics have finished.

The answer to Ingrown toenails?

The answer is a visit to the foot doctor. Yes, one of our highly qualified podiatrists will, on most occasions, be able to GENTLY and painlessly remove this ingrown nail. YES! With remarkably little pain!

Our Penrith Podiatrists deal with the more tricky problems, like infected ingrown toenails than most other podiatrists; who either don’t like dealing with or don’t deal with a lot, so don’t gain the experience and details our doctors do. Our doctors see infected ingrown nail several times a day and undertake a day a week of surgeries for patients with this painful condition.

Ingrown toenails do I need surgery?

Ingrown toenails do I need surgery?

Do you really need surgery?

It is very common for patients to consult our doctors with the notion that they will require surgery to have the infected nail removed.

Come on, we know you’ve been on YouTube and search up ingrown toenails, and you’ve seen the magnificently Gory and gross surgeries, right? As a heads up, the reason you have found those surgeries on YouTube is that they are the most extreme and gross looking surgeries. When you stop and think about it if it was a relatively easy, non-gory surgery, would it have entertained you and kept you watching? Probably not! These videos are the ones you come across first because they are the worst of the worst Humans love a bit of gore.

In truth, the vast majority of ingrown toenails will only require surgery. All of our doctors are very experienced and highly qualified to undertake these types of surgeries. Surgery is only required if these nails are recurrent, ongoing or have reached a stage where regular chairside treatment is not possible.

Again, it’s important to point out that while we understand you feel your ingrown nail is VERY BAD and can be very, very painful. Most patients are very pleasantly surprised that surgery is not required.

The Process of Fixing an Ingrown Toenail

Our qualified, Western Sydney based Podiatrists understand how painful this condition can be.

Our Doctors have an incredibly gentle touch and, of course, use a local anaesthetic if required or requested. The anaesthetic will reduce any discomfort whilst removing the splinter of nail in the side of your toe.

The Podiatrist will use a small and delicate tool to gently remove the little splinter of nail quickly and painlessly. (We understand your worried and convinced we are kidding you) Your toe is then dressed, and our team will give you instructions on how to Maintain the area keeping it clean and reducing any The risk of ongoing pain or infection.

Once the fragment of nail has been removed, most patients will find the nail heals quite quickly, once again reducing the pain from swelling and infection.

Next steps

We realise how painful this can be and as our doctors are generally heavily booked we attempt to leave appointments through the week so that patients like yourself can be attended to as quickly as possible as you’re in pain!

A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care’s helpful Front Desk team will run through what is going on for you right now.

What you have tried and will provide you with details of the best type of appointment and package suited to relieving this problem. The team will then work with you to confirm a time that is best to get you in to have the ingrown nail gently removed. It really is that simple!

You can call our team on 9673 2987. We have offices in Western Sydney, conveniently located in both Penrith and St Mary’s with new offices opening soon.

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* No medical treatment can guarantee 100% success. Registered medical and health professions in Australia are by law not allowed to guarantee success. This comes as a result of all human bodies reacting differently to treatments. Patients should thoroughly consider all treatment options available to them.