Ingrown Nails

Are you concerned about ingrown toenails?

If your nail or surrounds has become

  • Red or discoloured
  • Painful to touch
  • Inflamed or irritated
  • Sore, throbbing or hot

If you are frustrated and your ingrowing nail won’t respond to treatment, then this information is important to you.

Most ingrown toe nails that have lasted for more than a month, typically gets worse despite topical creams and ointments being applied or the prescription of antibiotics by a well-meaning General Practitioner.

It will get worse!

Swelling redness or a yellow – clear discharge and of course PAIN is a clear sign the skin surrounding the nail has become infected as a result of the nail piercing the skin… OUCH! No amount of creams and antibiotics will fix this!

The longer the infection lasts, the harder it is to remove and the chances are you’ll develop an even worse the infection which can become chronic. You don’t have to let this happen to you. Imagine stepping out of your shoes with pain free healthy nails again.

If you want to become pain free

The answer is to painlessly remove the nail piece piercing the skin alongside of your nail. This can be a remarkably pain free procedure if completed by our professional team who are university trained foot doctors, or highly skilled and trained Podiatrists with expertise in the removal of in growing toe nails.

Pain Free techniques are here!

Painful ingrown toe nail removal is a thing of the past! Our Foot Doctors offer a range of treatments, and procedures which will either completely remove the discomfort of ingrown nail removal or significantly reduce it to a mild discomfort dependent on the procedure of your choice.

Pain Free Injections

That’s right PAIN FREE INJECTIONS! New needle-free injection systems are now available and eliminate needles and the pain and phobia associated with it. Needle-free injection occurs when the anaesthetic is pushed into the body through the skin by a combination of pressure and high velocity from a syringe without a needle that has been specially designed for this purpose.

No Surgery required

Over 80% of our patients never require surgery for ingrown nails. If you’ve headed to social media you will have come across horrible videos of painful and extreme surgical procedures. These are almost never like what is required!

There are a number of painless chair side procedures we can complete on the same day of your consult. You may hobble in but walk out, again all pain free! You are able to walk or drive yourself home immediately after the consultation with our doctors

You deserve Permanent solution

Nail surgery - More complex or chronic ingrowing nails may at times require a nail surgery. This surgery if required to treat long term or repeated ingrowing nails offers a permanent solution to this difficult problem. Unlike procedures you see on the internet or undertaken in hospitals our procedures are known for.

  • Pain free
  • No stitches required.
  • Walk in walk out procedure- you can walk immediately after completion.
  • Very high success rate

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(No really come on get and see someone, you’re really unlikely to get better trolling the internet for a cure! Said with love because we care ? )
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