Sports Care


Sports Care

  • Do you love your sport?
  • Want to play at your best?
  • Do you have pain but still want to play?

Our Team Can Help You

sports-injuryThe professional team at A Step Ahead area Members of Sports Medicine Australia - Australia's peak body for sports medicine professionals.

Along with our team of sports Podiatrists, we have massage therapists and qualified sports trainers.

A team approach Health care, a team sport. It's important you get back to your sport fit and well.

The team at A Step Ahead play sport - that's why we believe we are better positioned to understand your needs.

We focus on treatment that allows you back on the field quicker. An emphasis on quickly fixing your symptoms whilst identifying why it happened is essential you don't want it to stop you again.

Using the Latest Equipment

TOG-Gait-scannerHealth care at the cutting edge is important - it means you're getting the advantage of the latest in podiatric advances.

We employ the latest in video analysis software by Dartfish, enabling us to investigate and isolate your problem frame by frame!!

Our force plate by TOG scans at 130hz, providing you with the highest possible feedback on pressure distribution and allocation. The use of the Gaitscan system is the first of its kind in the Western Sydney area.

Combine this with computer-generated orthoses/insole manufactured and laser therapy, and you have the most advanced clinics in Western Sydney.


This guide, questionnaire and recommendation should not and can not replace qualified medical advice. The information on this page and website are a guide only. We strongly advise you to consult our Podiatrists or a qualified health practitioner for professional advice.
(No really come on get and see someone, you’re really unlikely to get better trolling the internet for a cure! Said with love because we care ? )
No medical treatment in Australia can be guaranteed, in fact it is illegal to do so. Results will vary from person to person.