Fungal Nails

Fungal Nails

What are they?

Fungal nail treatment Penrith

Fungal nails have a yellow brown discolouration. They may become thickened and at times may appear worm eaten and brittle. Often this starts in a small section of one nail and may spread very slowly to several or all nails.

How do we treat them? 

A Step Ahead is proud to introduce Medical grade laser therapy to the treatment for fungal toe nails. This previously difficult to treat condition is now a threat no longer with the introduction of laser therapy. Laser therapy is safe and effective treatment with a high success rate in the treatment of this unsightly and unhealthy condition.

For a safe and highly effective result head to our Laser therapy page for details on how to eradicate this previously difficult to treat condition.
With years of experience, we have developed a specific fungal nail treatment website.

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Cause: Fungal nails are the result of a fungal or mycotic infection, often the same fungus responsible for tinea or athletes foot