Corns and Callous

Corns and Callous

What are they?

Generally corns and callous are large amounts of dry hard skin. These predominantly occur in weight bearing areas or areas of friction. Corns often have a hard centre and are often painful when direct pressure is applied. Some (soft) corns may also occur between your toes.

Cause: Pressure or friction irritation, such as poor fitting footwear which may be too tight or rub in a particular area. Callous may also occur due to uneven walking patterns, or poor biomechanics 

How are they treated? Both are debrided using a scalpel. This is painless and yes you can walk after, in fact often people describe a floating sensation! Finally our podiatrist will determine the cause of your corn or callous and suggest ways to prevent them from returning.

Callous Soft Corn Hard Corn
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