Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels

What are they?

A build up of dry hard skin around the edges of your heels. Over time this may thicken and eventually crack. These are often painful and may bleed and become infected.

Cause: Most commonly the culprit is open backed shoes, such as thongs, sling backs or high heels. Patients who are overweight or wear bare feet may also suffer these

How are they treated? Callous can be debrided by one of our podiatrists. It is painless and in fact, often quite a relief.

We may also recommend one of our specialist moisturisers to be used. If infected, we will treat the infection and dress appropriately. Our professional podiatrists will then determine why they are occurring and suggest methods to stop them returning.

Cracked Heels Before Cracked Heels After
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