Ingrown toenails Ouchi Mumma these can hurt!

Ingrown toenails Ouchi Mumma these can hurt

Ingrown toenails Ouchi Mumma these can hurt

Ingrown toenails Ouchi Mumma these can hurt! Most patients think it will be super painful to remove these BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE!!

Many patients, of course, head straight to YouTube to look up the grossest and disgusting ingrown toenail videos they can find to further convince themselves that these will be painful to remove. 😂 Nothing can be further from the truth (apart from the part about patients running to Youtube!)

Ingrown toenails are generally fairly painless to remove. Local anaesthetic can be used to further reduce pain (and your anxiety)

Many people think they will immediately need surgery, but yet again this is not the case! Most people will be able to be treated on the day, on the spot with minimal if any pain at all!

Yes our doctors, all qualified Podiatrists, can do surgery if you need. This is a procedure again done in the clinic under sterile conditions and a local anaesthetic applied to the toe. Patients will not need stitches sutures. Healing times vary however most people see their toe return to normal within 4 to 6 weeks.

Isn’t it good that all of those concerns you had about this being horrendous and all of those YouTube videos you watched were unfounded? Phew! sounds like we can get you started to being more comfortable much sooner than you first thought!

Yes, we can treat you! We are open and have very strict infection control measures in place to keep you safe!

Oh, packages and appointments available so if you’d like our help please call our office on 96732987 we’d Love to help!