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Get ready for an interview with Daniel Georgievski from a football club many of you may know! 😃
Dan is a western Sydney boy who has come home after travelling abroad for almost 15 years during his professional football career.
Dan has been a patient of our clinic for even longer!
Dan and Dr Brenden our principal Podiatrist sat down for quite a chat taking about football and why he loves being back in Western Sydney , family, success and what it takes to get there! .
Head to our Facebook page and subscribe to know when the interview hits the web!
#westernsydneywanderers #westernsydney #football #worldgame

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Cameras 🎥 Lights💡 Action 🎬 Got a question? Need something answered about health sports medicine or lower limb pain problems? Why not let us know and we will answer it in our next Q and A series! .

Getting ready for a day of filming more Tips Hack and helpful snippets and educational videos all to keep you Happy Healthy and active!

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Nicholas is into the Australian Ballet school! 😃🙌😃🙌
He apparently really likes his orthotics as well BUUUUT most super fab is he made the Australian Ballet school which is UBER cool!!! 😃🙌😃🙌

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Sore feet in Kids tip #2
Don’t wear thongs or flip flops . Say what!! Are you crazy? Hell we may be! .

So calm your farm kids 😂 We aren’t against thongs , flip flops, jandles Or slappers. We are Aussie as 🇦🇺 so they are Thongs to us, things you wear on your FEET! We are simply here to tell you that if kids wear them when they have sore feet, there is a really good chance that these will make things worse. .
Why, you scream! (breath deeply and slowly, see that’s better ) When you wear thongs, the small muscles in your feet have to work harder. In general when small muscles have to do More work they become overworked and this ends in pain. .
If you look down at your feet when you’re in a pair of thongs next time look at how your toes are scrunching up, they appear like they are gripping into the ground, that’s because they are! They are trying really really hard to keep those suckers on! .
Now a common argument is my feet feel better when I wear thongs 🤔 The thing is that the Pain Thongs cause doesn’t generally occur on that day. It tends to occur that night and most commonly the following days. .
When your kiddlets feet are better if they so choose they can wear thongs where ever there feet may carry them. But while in pain if it’s important to get your kids back to Happy Healthy and Active then quit the thongs for now 😃
Have you read Tip #1 of not head there it is a guide to what Kids can wear as an alternative.

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Kids need to be active! Sounds simply right? How many times have you found yourself saying “just go outside and play”! There is something in us all that says our kids should be active, we just know it! Our team motto is “Happy Healthy and Active!
If you’ve ever thought it well guess what the science say you’re right! There is more and more and MORE evidence that kids need to be active and that being active helps them as adults.
A recent study showed that kids that played ball sports, particularly before the age of 10 HALVED their chance of stress fractures! Each year of playing reduced the chance by another 13% Game of footy anyone?
Kid, in particular girls who, jump or skip as children’s have been shown to significant (like stacks of benefit shown by oodles of research) decrease their risk of osteoporosis as they age!
Now that we know it makes muscles and bones strong and wards of health problems you can help but consider the social aspects of sport. Team work, developing an appreciation of winning and losing - no everyone does not win a prize. Effort and reward!
Kids also develop social skills such as friendship development dealing with people that they don’t like and doing things they don’t like having to do. Ever had to do something for someone at work that you didn’t like and didn’t want to do? Yup let’s all learn how to deal with that when kids or be unemployable as adults! So there is little argument that sport and making sure kids stay active is super Dooper important. Guess what you can’t do exercise or jumping with foot or leg pain. We have covered in previous blogs the fact that kids do not have to wait to grow out of their pain this is a complete MYTH!! Another myth is that a reasonable treatment for kids foot or leg pain is stopping activity. Now that we know the significant benefits of sport in kids telling them that they should simply stop because of pain is in my opinion at the very least irresponsible but possibly reprehensible!

Foot and leg pain is a real problem for many kids stopping them doing activities that we know they should be doing! There is treatment available! Let’s keep kids Happy Healthy and Active

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Sore feet in Kids tip #1
Grab a pair of structured shoes. What does that mean? .
Most times kids with sore feet will benefit from shoes with features that provide support for the foot.
What does support look like? ▪️ Solid base - should not bend in the middle, wring out or twist
▪️Should be firm at the heel counter - the part that cups the heel should be firm and not be able to flex in
▪️Should have laces, if not laces Velcro , if not Buckle. (Laces best) ▪️Should bend at the toes .
This is not a treatment but will help most kids in the short term get out of foot pain. .
Is there more you can do? YES and we’ll chat about that in future post so@make sure you subscribe and follow us so we can help you stay Happy Healthy and active 😃

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Imagine if we told all adults they just had to wait for the pain to go away. .

Imagine if we told everyone that had a cold they just had to wait for the fever aches runny nose and sneezing to go away and never provided them with another option.
Kids do not have to wait to grow out of pain! Frankly we Feel telling parents and kids that this is the answer is actually pretty shitty.
Parents aren’t looking for answers there are actually multiple different options to help. .
Need ideas? Look at things like supportive footwear when kids are in pain. Looking at unbalanced structures such as tight muscles or weak ones! Look at addressing foot posture.
If your child is struggling and you’re struggling also to find answers then it may be time to hope to see a professional. .
If you need help of course our clinic details are in the bio. What did you expect us to tell you to head to someone else?
No matter what let’s make sure we keep kids, happy healthy and active

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Dr Rachel knock over a nail surgery this afternoon! .
Now why isn’t this patient looking pale and washed out? 😂 Because despite what you see on your socials Nail surgery can be super effective and really doesn’t have to be horrible or painful! .
Nup we ain’t gunna feature on any trending list for boring, effective, uneventful surgeries like this.
#podiatry #podlife #nailsurgery

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OUCH !!! 😫😫 Pain when you first get up? Need help? As you’d imagine we are getting quite booked out as the end of the year draws near, if you are serious about getting this fixed we’d suggest booking ASAP so not to miss out. 😊 96732987 or message us with your number and best time to call and our super friendly team will get back to you! #heelpain #sydneysbestpodiatrists #penrith ...

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Are all orthotics the same? NO! Shendi in this pic is in our Lab and is checking off the devices we have just milled making sure we check each pair against the correct patients name. Each pair are individually designed and then milled by our team. From here we further make changes to make sure that each device matches perfectly to each patient! Simple right? ...

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Ouch wow that looks sore!Yes it is definitely that time of year where people start to look at getting angry ingrown toenails fixed! Phew 😃😃
This is what a very nasty ingrown nails look like! If you’ve got one, you really should give us a call because it is almost always significantly less painful than people expect. So come ready ? Come on give us a call 😊 96732987 #ingrownnail #penrith

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As you’re waking from your slumber whinging about Monday mornings and the working week ahead. Spare a thought for Dr Ken and all the other Foot doctors or Podiatrists out there about to spend their working week ahead with this each and everyday .......... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .
#podlife #workingweek #mondays #mondaysbelike #astepaheadfootandanklecare #penrith

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PART of our growing team. (L>R)
Dr Ken - hails originally from Japan LOVES living with in the riff now and has a passion for soccer!
Dr Brenden - Started our clinics in the Eastern Suburbs of sydney before heading west. Currently training for a 9 day trek.
Dr Mark - Campbelltown boy who has worked with Dr B for over 8 years also crazy for the world game!
Dr Ryan - Penrith local graduated with honours and can usually be found at any given time at a music festival when not researching a new foot problem we are solving!
Yup our team - serious about getting you better but not to serious about ourselves #podiatrists #sportsmedicine #physicaltherapy

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Walk the walk don’t just talk the talk! Dr Ken chatting to one of our awesome patients while running through some of the tests we undertake to working out what’s really going on down there! To work ...

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Making things fit! Dr Ken In the process of making those cute little orthotics fit into our patients shoes! 👟👟👟👟👟👟 Sounds simple doesn’t it. The nice thing is that each time we do this it kinda makes us smile. We are HELPING someone, someone is getting back to pain free activity..... and that kinda rocks! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 #kids #footpain #flatfeet #active #painfree ...

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