Run - Walk - PLAY

with a big smile is the name of the game!


Run-Walk-PLAY Tibialis posterior pain can be often misdiagnosed

Run - Walk - PLAY with a big smile is the name of the game! That's exactly what Kyra can do now! Thanks to a correct diagnosis of her Tibialis posterior pain.

Did you know that there is a really powerful muscle that runs down the inside of your lower leg called the Tibialis posterior! The muscle helps control your arch, and it helps roll your foot back out, Giving you an arch.

A Tibialis posterior can become really sore and tired if it becomes overused. Often the pain is in your arch or just under your inside ankle bone. People with this problem who walk a little more than usual, spend longer on their feet, perhaps play sport may find that this area becomes very sore.

This is what lead Kyra's parents to bring her along to visit us. She had six months with pain in her feet, legs ankles. Her parents had tried several things before visiting us. A month into care with awesome orthotics and Kyra has NO more PAIN in her feet.

Her orthotics work by balancing her foot posture so that her arch is the right spot at the right time when walking + running. The Tibialis muscle then doesn't need to do as much work!

She is LOVING HER new orthotics and comfortable in them. She happily runs walks and plays sport in them.

Pain like this is widespread and is often misdiagnosed as things like growing pains. Frequently parents are told that there is nothing they can do. We are here to tell you that's not the case!

If you'd like help the first step is to call our helpful front desk team, they can run through what's been going on for you and what you have tried so far. They can then work out what type of appointment is best for you and the costs. They can then look at reserving your appointment time.

Our number is 02 9673 2987 we would love to be able to help!


Orthotics Helped with Kyra's Tibialis posterior pain

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