Kids Foot pain can stop healthy development to adulthood

Kids Foot pain can stop healthy development to adulthood

Kids Foot pain can stop healthy development to adulthood - The answer? Kids need to be active!

Sounds simple right? How many times have you found yourself saying “just go outside and play”! There is something in us all that says our kids should be active, we just know it!  Our team motto is "Happy Healthy and Active!"

If you’ve ever thought it well, guess what, the science says you’re right! There is more and more and MORE evidence that kids need to be active, and that being active helps them as adults.

A recent study showed that kids that played ball sports, particularly before the age of 10, HALVED their chance of stress fractures! Each year of playing reduced the chance by another 13%! Game of footy anyone?

Kids, in particular girls who jump or skip as children, have been shown to significantly (like stacks of  benefit shown by oodles of research) decrease their risk of osteoporosis as they age!

Now that we know it makes muscles and bones strong and wards of health problems you can help, But also consider the social aspects of sport; Team work, developing an appreciation of winning and losing - no, everyone does not win a prize; effort and reward!

Kids also develop social skills such as friendship development, dealing with people that they don’t like and doing things they don’t like having to do. Ever had to do something for someone at work that you didn’t like and didn’t want to do? Yup, let’s all learn how to deal with that when kids or be unemployable as adults!

So, there is little argument that sport and making sure kids stay active is super Dooper important. Guess what you can’t do exercise or jumping with foot or leg pain.

We have covered in previous blogs the fact that kids do not have to wait to grow out of their pain this is a complete MYTH!!

Another myth is that a reasonable treatment for kids foot or leg pain is stopping activity. Now that we know the significant benefits of sport in kids telling them that they should  simply stop because of pain is, in my opinion, at the very least irresponsible but possibly reprehensible! Particularly when we know there are therapies that can reduce this pain and get them quickly into sport

Foot and leg pain is a real problem for many kids stopping them doing activities that we know are essential for their development. Severs disease, Plantar fasciitis, shin splints knee pain are all treatable!

Let’s make sure we get on top of kids foot and leg pain and ensure that they grow up happy healthy and active !

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