Sore Feet in Kids Tip #2

Sore Feet in Kids Tip #2

Don’t wear thongs or flip flops

Say what!! Are you crazy? Hell we may be!

So calm your farm kids 😂 We aren’t against thongs , flip flops, jandles Or slappers. We are Aussie as so they are Thongs to us, things you wear on your FEET. We are simply here to tell you that if kids wear them when they have sore feet there is a really good chance that these will make things worse.

Why, you scream! (breath deeply and slowly, see that’s better ) When you wear thongs, the small muscles in your feet have to work harder. In general when small muscles have to do More work they become overworked and this ends in pain.

If you look down at your feet when you’re in a pair of thongs next time look at how your toes are scrunching up, they appear like they are gripping into the ground, that’s because they are! They are trying really really hard to keep those suckers on!

Now a common argument is my feet feel better when I wear thongs 🤔 The thing is that the Pain Thongs cause doesn’t generally occur on that day. It tends to occur that night and most commonly the following days.

When your kiddlets feet are better if they so choose they can wear thongs where ever there feet may carry them. But while in pain if it’s important to get your kids back to happy healthy and active then quit the thongs for now!

Have you read Tip #1? If not, head there it is a guide to what Kids can wear as an alternative

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