Are Fungal Nails Contagious? - Fungal Nail Series


So, are fungal nails contagious?

You know, there's a bit of a myth out there that if you can't see it in a nail or that it's only in this nail and then it won't be in that nail, that's a complete myth.

Guess what? If you've got an infected nail here, the likelihood is all of these other nails, particularly on your feet, they're gonna be infected too.

They've actually got spores or tiny eggs living in them. The eggs actually live everywhere.

They live in your shower, in your socks, on your skin, possibly in the nail polish you've been using, and on your nail care instruments. If they're your patients nail care instruments, they can be living there too.

So you need to make sure that you treat all of those areas, otherwise, that really highly contagious bug is gonna come right back.

There's stacks of information to learn about this when you're trying to treat this nasty, but don't worry, we've actually made stacks of videos to help you through this process.

So, read below and look for the series on beating fungal nail infections, particularly if you're a clinician or even a patient. We hope this helps you beat this horrible, nasty little bug.

Fungal Nail Calculator

You may also like to try our Fungal Nail Calculator. This is the first Fungal Nail calculator in the world and will help guide you to potential treatment protocols.

Use this guide to help guide you to understand better the level of infection that you may have present and give helpful suggestions as to what the best therapies maybe.

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Dr Brenden Brown, Podiatrist & Shendi Brown

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