Growing Pains and Questions Parents Should Ask

Growing Pains and Questions Parents Should Ask

Growing Pains and Questions Parents Should Ask. Will they grow out of it? Are Growing Pains Real?

"Growing pains" is a common description but is it really a diagnosis? Let's talk about a few questions parents can ponder, that may help you decide

"Growing pains" is often a description used for kids who get pain in their feet ankles or legs.

Many times this pain can become so horrible that the pain can wake kids at night. Parents often describe their children waking in tears.

At other times parents report foot ankle or leg pain when their child has been active, sometimes during or shortly after the activity. But at other times it can be the next day or even the day after that! Now that can be super confusing. This leads to confusion, so you ...

Head to "the Doctor"

It's the internet age, so parents pretty soon head to Dr google and seek results. Boom you're in an information storm. With suggestions from adding magnesium to your kid's diet to your kid should try barefoot running while chanting positive affirmations.

Then you head to your local health professional, and many times it can be just as frustrating. You're told by this well-meaning health practitioner that all is ok and that it's simply "Growing Pains" hmmmm and that they will simply "Grow out of it."

Now, most parents are pretty clever, and they leave the office of their humble health practitioner a little confused and some frustrated.

With this in mind, we thought it might be worth prepping you with some questions you can ask your health practitioner. Ask these if you're not sure it is merely magical "Growing pains."

Q. Is it possible that the pain is from your kid's muscles not working well?  

Is the pain from muscles that are having to overwork to compensate for other underworking structures?

Pain mostly comes from muscles overworking. This is often a result of other muscles no longer doing their job or structures in a body, not doing what they are designed to do. Kids are no different! Look for structures that are not working and why these muscles are having to overwork.

Q. Is the pain like other muscle pain people get that occurs because something is out of alignment?

If not, why not? Why wouldn't kids get this? This is something that has been observed in both adults and children for centuries. It's commonly understood in medicine across the world. Why would it be any different in your child?

Q. How is it that pain from Growing is associated with my child being active?

Why is it that pain from growing happens when my child plays soccer or goes for long walks?

It seems quite strange that active kids suddenly have growth spurts really close to their activity. These growth spurts somehow caused pain? Does it seem Logical to you? No, it doesn't seem logical to us either.

Q. If pain from simply "growing" why don't all kids get it?

All kids grow, right? Yup, we are pretty confident that they do! So it stands to reason that If the pain is simply from your kid's body "Growing" all kids should get the same pain as a result. But hang on, not all kids do. Do you see a pattern yet?

Q. If the pain is from "growing", why is the pain almost universally only localised in feet ankles and legs?

Do kids shoulders, arms, spines, heads not grow? Of course they do yet no pain there!

Q.How much does a kid have to "grow" for the pain to develop as a result?

When bones grow, they grow less than a millimetre a day. Try grabbing your finger and pulling it outwards. Are you in excruciating pain? NO! Hang on?? You've just stretched your tendon far more than 1 mm! How is it that you're not in pain? If growing less than a millimetre causes children to wake in unbearable pain?

Answers we all need answers!

These are all questions we encourage parents to ask themselves when considering or being told by well-meaning health practitioners that the pain their child is suffering is simply from them growing.

Hey, parents a quick tip. When your practitioner tells you "they'll grow out of it" It's ok to ask that practitioner for their mobile phone number so you can call them and then they can comfort and calm your child when they are complaining or worse crying late in the evening or waking you around 1:30 am due to pain. Kids at 1:30 am get way better when you tell them that "they will just grow out of it."  

However, if this doesn't work and you'd like some more practical information on this Dr Brenden our principal Podiatrist has written a short ebook on kids growing pains. We will provide a link below if you would like to download this. (Yes this is a shameless plug)

Here is the link to the ebook! 

In our belief, kids should not have pain! Pain in the kids after activity -  IS NOT NORMAL!

Part of growing up should be running jumping, scrapping your knee once or twice and at times getting ridiculously dirty! But the most crucial part is that kids should be able to be active without pain!

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