How to choose an awesome Podiatrist

and what you need to know

How to choose an awesome Podiatrist?

How to choose an awesome Podiatrist? He needs to be more than your Prince Charming...... (Cinderella, Prince trying on

So just how do you choose an awesome Podiatrist? The best advice is to find a practitioner to help you. As crazy as it may seem, trolling through social media Instagram pages and Facebook posts for your answers is probably not going to result in you getting better (who’d have thought).

The first step, though? Try heading back to our earlier post about making sure you have the right shoes for the job! Here is the link. You can also head to our video content here. 

How to Get the right advice

Unfortunately, as Podiatry is an area in medicine that is continually improving, it is often hard for practitioners to keep up with those changes. Did you know that there is evidence that suggests that it can take up to anywhere between seven and seventeen (Yes! 17 years!) for a medical principle to become accepted. What does this mean? Once a medical idea or a new treatment become the Gold Standard, it can take as long as 17 years before some therapists begin to use it with their patients.

Commonly therapists have headed to two well-oiled treatments such as Stretching and Ice. Unfortunately, while these are well known by practitioners, they are not always helpful. And in fact, at least one of these treatments can make a condition far worse.

Asking about their experience is ok

A good therapist will develop a treatment plan. They won’t just rely on one magical therapy or cure. 
It’s essential, therefore, to look for a practitioner that is well versed in the new understanding of tendon physiology. It’s also necessary to ensure that that practitioner has mountain loads of experience diagnosing and treating patients with these conditions. While from the outside, all practitioners may look the same, it stands to reason that many practitioners have different areas of expertise experience and practice.

Don’t be afraid to ask their reception team questions. What type of work do they see? How old are the average patients of the clinic? Do they see a lot of sports injuries? How often do they see this type of condition every day, every week? Every month?

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