NSW Swifts WIN the Grand Final!

NSW Swifts WIN the Grand Final!

NSW Swifts WIN the Grand Final!

NSW Swifts WIN the Grand Final!

So so Proud of this awesome young lady Paige Hadley, who has just captained the NSW Swifts to WIN the Grand Final! And appointed to Australian Diamonds squad AGAIN!

Paige has been a patient with us since she was 14. We’ve had the pleasure of watching a shy young girl grow into a confident, talented young leader!

Paigey’s work ethic is second to none. We’ve watched her overcome what would be to some others career ending injury, defeats and set backs, all taken in her stride. We’ve watched as she’s tirelessly just knuckled down and got the work needed DONE!

If you’re looking for a role model for young women, here she is!

Paige congrats! Everything you’ve achieved has come from hard work and dedication!

Ps and to round things off congrats also on your engagement 😃 💍 it’s certainly been a big couple of weeks!

Onwards and UP!

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