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  • When should I bring my child to see a Podiatrist?

    His brother has very flat feet and wears orthotics, so I thought I’d get him checked too. He doesn’t get any pain though. I hope that’s okay that I’ve brought him in? You wouldn’t believe the number of parents I see who are almost embarrassed …

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  • Back to school shoes reviewed on the Today Show

    Did you catch our Podiatrist Dr Brenden Brown on the Today show? Brenden is an expert when it comes to Kids feet and the Today show called on him to review the best School Shoes for 2014. Watch the clip below and see what Brenden …

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  • How to choose the right school shoe for your child

    So are you confused and looking for what to look for in your child’s school shoe this year? Our guide will give you some quick and easy tips to looking at getting the right shoe for your child’s foot. Quick and easy to read down …

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  • Best School shoe’s for 2014

    Dr Brenden’s top school shoe picks for 2014. Back to school has hit us again, it’s time for kids to head back into the class rooms and not only hit the books but also hit the school yard in their new school shoes! Kids spend …

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  • Are your childs feet healthy ?

    Kid’s feet come in all different shapes and sizes and so do their FEET! Having healthy feet is vital to a child’s development. Did you know that problems not resolved in children’s feet can become major problems for them when they become adults? Not all …

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