Kids footcare

Children’s feet differ from adult’s feet in that they’re pliable and still growing. During this growing stage your kid’s feet are extremely susceptible to the influences of injury, improper footwear, and poor development in the form of flat feet.

Unfortunately, kids can’t always articulate what they’re feeling, especially when it comes to feet, other than saying it hurts. This is why it’s vital for you, as a parent, to pay close attention to the development of your child’s feet.

Signs and symptoms to look for in your child include:

common conditions

  • Foot and/or arch pain
  • Tripping or falling
  • Clumsiness
  • Hip pain
  • Trouble keeping up with peers
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Clawing toes
  • Prone to injuries or accidents
  • Muscle fatigue or soreness
  • A propensity for ankle sprains
  • An unwillingness to participate in sports

All or just some of these signs are indicative of foot posture problems, in particular flat feet - a common problem with kids.

How We Can Help Your Child’s Foot Care Needs

Just like you, we’re parents. We understand the concern you feel for your children. Especially when it comes to health matters.

We also understand, first-hand, how important healthy feet are for active kids. Not only from a physical standpoint, but also for their own sense of self-esteem. Not being able to kick a soccer ball or play hopscotch can be a nightmare socially in the playground!

It’s this parental-understanding, along with our 25 years of expertise, that makes us Western Sydney’s leading foot and ankle clinic.

To help resolve your child’s foot pain we provide:

  • Walking and running assessments (kid friendly, we make it fun)
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Deep connective tissue massage
  • Kid-specific orthotic or insoles therapy
  • Activity modifications
  • Proper footwear advice, including first walker and school shoes

Would your preschool benefit from a visit from one of our expert podiatrists?

Brenden often gives talks at preschools to parents, and performs screenings on kids free of charge, as part of his commitment to child foot health.

About Brenden Brown and A Step Ahead Podiatry

As the proud father of two daughters, Brenden relates to your concerns. His vigilant promotion of proper foot care for kids reaches far beyond the walls of his two clinics. Repeated appearances on The Today Show, A Current Affair and Mornings With Kerrie Anne, articles in Men’s Health, The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as numerous parent blogs and websites, serve as proof of Brenden’s expertise on the subject.

So much so that since 2009, Clarks footwear, Australia's most trusted and leading brand of children's footwear, has asked Brenden on board as their footwear and foot health ambassador.

You children's feet are in good hands.