There is direct connection between your feet and posture. Most people are not aware that how you walk, sit or even sleep has an impact on your feet.

It is recommended that you visit a podiatry centre like A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care Clinic for a professional check-up of the health of your feet and advice on how to keep your feet healthy.  With over 15 years in feet and posture matters, Mr Brenden Brown, the clinic’s principal podiatrist will give you the right attention and treatment.

The reason why feet and posture are directly related is that your feet bear the impact and all the weight of your body. A body posture in which the centre of gravity is not optimum will exert unnecessary pressure on the feet.

In thinking about feet and posture, take the example of a building. When the foundation shakes, the whole building becomes weak or collapses. This is the same with your body; if your feet are not maintained, or are not ‘stable’, your whole body will be affected.

Most damage to feet occurs because of walking or standing for long periods of time. Practice good feet and posture and you will live healthier, stronger and for longer.

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