“I don’t think that space between my toes has always been there” is surprisingly a very common phrase to hear from our patients, especially when describing some pain at the front of the foot.

That’s exactly what Lydia came to us with yesterday, after having hoped the pain around the ball of her foot – that started for no particular reason that she can remember as is often the case – would go away on its own – but it keeps getting worse!

The GAP between my toes has a name; Plantar plate disruption - 1

V sign of plantar plate disruption

I’m going to be very frank.

Nope, it’s likely NOT “just the structure of your feet now”, and if you’ve never noticed it before, it very likely “hasn’t just always been like that” – sadly far too many of my patients tell me that this is what they’ve been told by other health practitioners, GP’s and relatives alike, and it’s just not true.

The actual truth: It totally DOESN’T have to stay that way and you DON’T have to put up with frustrating pain that limits everything from general walking to exercise to social outings and everything else we love about life!

Hang on, what makes me so sure??

I couldn’t even tell you how many people I’ve diagnosed and treated with exactly these and other symptoms of a plantar plate injury, ranging from days after pain starting to unfortunately years down the track.

Injuries to your plantar plate are very commonly misdiagnosed and left untreated – you’re not alone there! But it can definitely be fixed – we do it every day! So we have a great, thorough treatment plan that has been tried and tested over many years and hundreds of patients with this exact problem.

The tools in our tool box range from a series of deep connective tissue massage, to 3D-designer laser-scanned custom orthotic insoles (super fancy I know!), to strapping and footwear changes and stretches and everything in between!

Do it – join our healthy, happy and active team of fully recovered patients – give our friendly team a call on – getting rid of pain like this is why we love what we do.

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The GAP between my toes has a name; Plantar plate disruption - 2