Netball Injury Prevention Screening

Is Your Child at Risk of Injury?

Did you know?

The rate of injury for netballers is massive!


Injury risk without warm up


Netball injuries

We all know Netball is one of the most demanding sports, with sudden jumping, landing and changing directions on a hard court. Dramatically increasing the risk of injury.

Some testing can reveal those who are 4 times more likely to suffer an ankle sprain than their teammates.


Did you know that you can significantly reduce the risk of injury to your daughter?

A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Care

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* Over 20 yrs experience in helping people stay happy, healthy and active.

We work with professional athletes like Paige Hadley, international netballer

We treat - A League soccer + Penrith Panthers NRL players.

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Current sponsors of Penrith District Netball Association.

Treat Heel Pain, Ankle Sprains, Foot and Leg posture Problems.



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Free Foot & Ankle Screenings for Netballers

A Step Ahead will be providing individual assessments, providing you with a report:

Walk / Run Analysis to IDENTIFY poor foot posture. (a leading cause of injury)

* Assess JUMPING AND LANDING HABITS that can be a huge factor in catastrophic ACL and ANKLE injuries.

* Identify any current injuries and make recommendations for management. (Some previous injury  significantly increase the risk of another injury)

* Footwear assessment – Did you know incorrect footwear choices can increase the risk of injury?

Injury Prevention Screening Dates for Netballers

* Tuesday 13th November from 7pm

* Thursday 15th  November from 7pm

* Tuesday 20th November from 7pm

* These will be held at Penrith Netball Courts

To Register

* Please click here to complete online.

* This must be completed for the netballer to undergo pre-screening assessments.

* This is a FREE service provided by A Step Ahead.

* A Step Ahead will do individuals reports for each netballer with recommendations, which will be emailed to parents and coaches.