Heel Pain

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Heel pain relief for chronic Heel pain patients are available at our heel pain clinic

A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle care has been helping people to recover from heel pain for over a decade now and we thoroughly enjoy it! Being able to help people get back to active lives achieving the things they hope to do is what we both do and love! 

Heel pain can be debilitating and hinders people to do daily activities including anything from regular shopping outings to exercise.

Most people suffer from a slightly varying combination of Symptoms including:

  • Pain on placing the heel on the ground after sleeping or raising from a chair.
  • Pain may relieve slightly, only to increase again later through the day
  • Pain is located towards the back of the heel in many cases, however may progress towards the front of the base of the foot.

On many occasions people are told by their well-meaning health practitioner they cannot treat this, or that it will get better by itself or to try stretching or soft padding in shoes. Frustrated most people have nowhere else to go and put up with this debilitating pain.

With over a decade of experience and a passion for making people feel better A Step Ahead have developed a highly successful regimen of treatment which is delivering excellent results for patients.

Using a combination of therapies including specific stretching techniques, Specialised soft tissue therapy, custom designed and 3D cad cam designed insoles and our new Shock wave therapy. A Step Ahead is delivering relief of long standing heel pain treated unsuccessful by other practitioners.