Answer – Mild

Your results indicate Mild Pain or Early Onset

You seem to indicate a mild or early case of heel pain. Important to note is that Not all heel Pain is plantar fasciitis. You may like to choose one of the options below.

Do it yourself. If your pain is in the very early stages. You may like to head to our Facebook videos collection.

Here you will find a series of helpful videos on tips for beating heel pain. You may like to try implementing some of the recommendations such as new footwear and strength exercises as explained in the video collection.

Want to knock it out of the park quick? Many patients although still in the early stages of this condition like to get on top of it before it becomes more painful and chronic. If this is the case you may like to make an appointment with one of our practitioners where we can accurately diagnose your condition and assist you with a treatment plan.

Making an appointment is simple.

You can be “old school” and call 96732987 and our SUPER helpful front desk team will run through your needs, options and then reserve your appointment time.

Alternatively, use our Call back system, complete the Short form (no really it’s quite short and painless) and our team will call you back to run through your many treatment options! And yes there are STACKS!


Your next steps to stop heel pain fast


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(No really come on get in and see someone, you’re really unlikely to get better trolling the internet for a cure! Said with love because we care ? )

No medical treatment in Australia can be guaranteed, in fact, it is illegal to do so. Results will vary from person to person.