Heel Pain hacks to use Right Now!

Heel Pain, there’s loads for me to say about this but most importantly it’s PAINFUL! Most people who have suffered from it, will tell you it stops you doing the things you love!  From simply at times getting up in the morning, to playing with the kids, or maybe doing exercise, this pain stops life!

I’m a Foot Doctor, a Podiatrist with over 20 years experience, I’ve seen literally 1000’s of people with this pain, I’ve also experienced it myself, so the question is – what would I do if I had Heel Pain right now?

Stuff you can do RIGHT NOW to reduce Heel Pain

  1. Look at footwear
    This sounds more simple than it is.  Here goes, My tips would be this -Lace up shoes are best. Runners / Sneakers are the style I changed to immediately when pain struck me. Now I don’t feel right in runners at the clinic so I wear business shoes with laces, swapping out of my elastic sided RM’s.

    Lace up shoes reduce the movement of my foot and stops excessive movement and partially immobilise the structures in the foot. They do this far better than a slip on shoe. Right now feet need love and attention!

    Best shoe for this? See a link I hope is below?

  2. Change your habits
    Next I wear them all the time! No really ALL THE TIME! What’s that mean? I wear lace up shoes at work, down the shops, and yes lord forbid in the house! ?I think of this like a “Broken foot” and compare it to a cast for a broken arm. What would happen if someone took the cast for their broken arm off when they got home? Floppy arm for life anyone?

    Women often ask me about “going out” or “going to functions” My reply could be what would we do if the foot was in a cast BUT being practical I say this, where your runners to the door, slip on the pretty shoes then SIT! No really SIT, no walking long distances, No dancing, no networking on your feet for hours.

    Finally – this is NOT forever! It’s only while in pain.

  3. Get advice QUICK!
    There is tonnes of stuff that will help me. I’m a Foot Dr and I’ll start professional care, BOOM straight away! Why? Because I know the sooner I start the above the LESS likely I am to make sure this does NOT become CHRONIC, or long term!Shoes alone won’t fix this for 80% of people but it helps reduce discomfort and gets it on track!

    Professional advice means getting the correct diagnosis, because there is definitely more than one type of heel pain!

    See below.With a correct diagnosis you can start professional treatments such as soft tissue therapies;

    • massage
    • shockwave
    • loading
    • addressing foot posture if needs be

    These I can discuss in another post or this will go forever! I’ll link it below a series of quick articles talking also about stuff that I have found doesn’t work!

    I’ll also chat about making sure you get the right diagnosis because I see this condition misdiagnosed too many times to count!!! And of course other tips etc in both video and blog format. If they aren’t here, you may need to come back and check, I’m a real live foot doc and not a marketer so I may not have “my shit together” just yet but I promise they will appear below at some stage ?

Heel Pain myths

Best shoes for heel pain

For those that don’t know I’m Dr Brenden Brown. A Podiatrist with 23 years experience in helping patients in particular musculoskeletal and sports injuries like Heel and ankle pain.

This work has also lead me to have a great deal of interest in helping kids with posture and pain problems in their lower limbs.

I’d love to be able to help you too! If you’re serious about beating your pain call our clinic on (02) 9673 2987 or use one of the contact us resources below!

Thanks for reading!

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