rely on your feet

Heel pain combined with a practice of going bare feet will cause you more pain.

We recently  had a gent come into the clinic with plantar heel pain or Plantar fasciitis to be exact. He had this heel pain for about 12 months and had visited a series of other health practitioners and doctors. To date he had visited a physiotherapist, a general practitioner, a massage therapist, a chiropractor and most sad to me another Podiatrist. Despite spending thousands yes thousands he had not resolved his pain!

Each practitioner had applied their craft – GP had given pain killers, the Physio some stretching , the chiropractor had done some manipulations, the Massage therapist the massage and the podiatrist had dispensed  formthotic style orthoses.

Sadly none of these people amongst all of this had looked at the gents foot wear or for that matter discussed it with him. Seriously people if your walking around with an inflamed plantar fascia with no shoes on – worse still thongs (flip flops, Jandles …..dependent on your country of readership) – you will NOT get better any time soon.

Having treated now thousands of patients with chronic plantar heel pain it is my experience that changing into a lace up supportive shoe, preferably with a shank in the midsole, will significantly reduce your foot pain. It provides support for the damaged tissue immobilising the foot which in combination with other therapy provides a reduction in symptoms – your pain!

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