As a family we took the kids to Movie world on the Gold coast yesterday. While we had a great day we truly felt horrible feeding our kids all the junk that was on offer. It had me wondering there has to be a healthier way for my kids to eat! We get it you are out and its all around you. Your kids are nagging you and sometimes you just want to get them feed!
Before anyone asks we are NOT dietician!!! We are parents, so this is not “professional advice its our advice as parents who just happen to be involved in health!

As a family (Actually as parents) what do we do to keep meals that bit healthier – while maintaining parent sanity?

Staying healthy while eating out

Staying healthy while eating out

  • We strip the burgers – The white bread on burgers are full of sugar, too much has the kids bouncing off walls. We take one sheet off the burger and eat it with only one slice of bread.
  • We don’t eat all the chips – Sounds horrible but we encourage our kids to half them. Half the fat, half the sugar – yes it may help to think of most potato as sugar.
  • We only have one juice or fizzy drink a day – YUP one! Kids and yes you parents, get use to drinking water …well you should. I cry when I see kids carrying those massive containers with straws you fill with soft drink ……then i found you can have free refills ahhhhhhhh thats almost pure sugar you are pouring down your kids neck – dont kid yourself your kid will NOT run all that off!
  • provide healthy snacks – cut up fruit in a snap lock bag for example to give them through the day – try to stay away from all the lollies.

I realise for some thats a massive life changer – but dont you want you kids to have a healthy life? YES I hear you scream! I also thought I would add this link to an article that also talks about key fast food outlets and healthy alternatives at each –

Have a great day out with the kids – make it a healthy active one!