Fasciitis - There's more to heel pain

Fasciitis - There's more to heel pain

Guess what there's more to heel pain than heel spurs and Fasciitis. These are the 2 most commonly diagnosed conditions but also the 2 most commonly MISdiagnosised conditions!

Our Doctors who are all super friendly board registered Podiatrists see Heel Pain EVERY DAY. Now that sounds pretty normal but did you know most other Podiatrists spend most of their days cutting toenails for people 😳

If you’re looking for experience with heel pain and happy for someone else to look after your long toenails we’d love to help!

Our Doctors use the latest technology to get you back to happy, healthy and most importantly ACTIVE!

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I hope that helps. Make sure you head to our information below and our links to look up more information about heel pain, foot types, and other sports injuries. We look forward to making you happy, healthy and active.

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Founder of A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle Care in Sydney, and former president of the Australasian Podiatry Council, Dr Brenden Brown (A.K.A Dr Foot) is a wealth of knowledge on how to take care of your feet, including how to find the best shoes.

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