In determining the relationship between bunions and shoes, it is good to determine what bunions are in the first place. Bunions refers to the condition of the feet in which the big toe of the foot points towards the second toe.

Bunions and shoes go hand in hand. If you wear shoes which are too tight, they will apply too much pressure on the big foot toe bones and its ligaments. To conform to the shoe, the toe will bend as per the shape of the shoe towards the other toes. This will lead to the formation of a permanent hump.

The relationship between bunions and shoes is therefore a direct one. The type and nature of shoes you wear will determine whether or not you will suffer from bunions.  Most of the patients who visit A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care Clinic for the treatment of other conditions suffer from bunions and they do not know it.

Mr Brenden Brown, the Principal Podiatrist at the clinic states that because of the direct relationship between bunions and shoes people should wear ‘soft shoes’ which are well fitting. Alternatively you can wear open or sport shoes. Most men suffer from this condition of the feet because most of them wear closed and tight fitting shoes.

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