A Step Ahead Athete Ambassador Program

A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle care Ambassadors program.

So we’ve been open for about 20 years now, yes that’s a while! Through the years we have had the pleasure of meeting and treating some very clever and talented young men and women. From international footballers of all codes to international Karate champions we have treated a wide range of very talented people.

For many of our patients it doesn’t always mean they meet us when they hit the big time many we get to meet at humble beginnings. Many of these young men and women go on to inspire us! But not for what you may imagine.

When we set out to implement an Ambassador program we established a criteria that matched our clinic culture and ethos. We decided we were looking for someone that excelled at their chosen passion, embodied our “WHY” of Healthy Happy Active Families and encompassed in that, they are generally nice humble people who are normal and approachable but who just happen to be very good at what they do!

So the people we choose to be Ambassadors are more than great sports people they MUST BE great PEOPLE.

Introducing our A Step Ahead Ambassadors: