Fungal toenails GONE FAST!

Fungal toenails GONE FAST!

Fungal nails will soon become a thing of the past

Fungal toenails GONE FAST! - 1

Fungal or ugly looking nails

It is estimated that over 2 Million people in Australia suffer from Fungal toenails !  (that’s 10% of the Population).  So if you think your nails have a fungus you may well be right!

Fungal nails can be unsightly and embarrassing. Often described as “rotten nails”, patients may describe their nails as varying in colour, from a yellow through to a brown discolouration. The nail may also look like it is thickened or even eaten away.

Sadly treatment to date has been limited with only expensive but often ineffective nail paints or prescription only heavy duty oral medication which while effective taken a long time to work and can have significant side effect for many people. There are a multitude of “home” remedies that are reported to work but most often lead to no success! If Vicks worked on toenails don’t you think the company behind Vicks would have cottoned onto this by now?????

Laser therapy is a new and highly effective treatment for this embarrassing and health effecting problem.

Why choose Laser

  • Highly effective – Fast result
  • Safe – No side effects!
  • No Aesthetic required
  • Comfortable with minimal discomfort
  • Nail Polish can be applied immediately after you leave
  • No need to take medication

Brenden after many years in Podiatry and feeling the frustration of literally tens of thousands of patients took the decision to look for a solution to chronic fungal toenails.  “Each year I see literally hundreds of patients who have struggled with this horrible condition” Says Brenden. “Many of these patients have tried multiple creams lotions and medicament with no relief”. Frustrated by this, Brenden along with some Podiatry friends decided to look worldwide for a solution that would be safe simple and pain free for patients.

In search of an answer Brenden attend a conference in America and after some research found the Class 4 Diode laser now being introduced to A Step ahead foot and Ankle care. Finally he had found an answer which provided patients with simple and safe solution to a complicated problem.

We are now very pleased to be taking bookings for this treatment to fight nasty nail infections!

Call us at Penrith on 47322007 or St Marys on 96732987 if you too would like to the fungal toe nails gone!

What are Ballet Dancer’s feet?

While they may entertain you on stage with wonderful dancing styles which you have never seen, and you may think that they are smart in everything they do, but you are wrong – ballet dancers have very ugly feet. They suffer from a condition called Ballet dancer’s feet. This is the reason they dance in shoes.

Because of the pressure, straining and twisting they cause on their feet while dancing, their toes are crooked, their nails are discoloured and shapeless, and the skin is rubbed to the extent of becoming raw.

They also suffer from bunions, calluses and corns. This is what is called Ballet dancer’s feet; it is the condition in which the feet suffer deformities and other injuries, on the skin surface, and internally in the ligaments and bones.

It is not only dancing which may cause Ballet dancer’s feet; wearing tight shoes, and walking long distances, sporting and many other activities which strain the feet may cause your feet to develop injuries similar to those of the Ballet dancer’s feet. 

If at any time you suffer you should visit A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care. Mr Brenden Brown, Principal Podiatrist and the other foot care specialists of the clinic will assist you in the care and treatment of Ballet dancer’s feet. The symptoms of the condition include inflammation, pain, irritation, scalds and hard scars on or below the feet.

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