A Step Ahead Walking Club

A Step Ahead Walking Club

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A Step Ahead Walking Club. Every Thursday in Penrith

Every Thursday in Penrith the A Step Ahead Walking Club hits the road! We walk around Penrith in order to keep “happy healthy and active.” No races, no competition just a steady pace, the odd chat and everyone walks at their own level. So how did it start?

In 2013 as a clinic we saw a sudden influx of women who wanted to know how to make sure their feet were healthy and QUICK! We discovered a number of these ladies were participating in a walk to raise money called the “Weekend to end women’s cancer”  Not only were they walking but they were walking 60 KM!!! no wonder they wanted their feet fit!

When 2014 came about and with our new understanding of what these ladies were to undertake we agreed to become partners with the “Weekend to end women’s cancer” and began training walks. Everybody is welcome on our walks NO you DO NOT have to be undertaking the “Weekend” nor a patient to come on our training walks. It has grown to become more than that. Our clinic motto is “helping families to stay happy healthy and active” and walking for exercise fit this bill to a tee!

We walk for for an hour each Thursday night from 630pm meeting each week in a different starting point in Penrith, call for details. However on the first Thursday of each month we meet at our practice in Penrith at 6pm. Where participants can chat to our Podiatrist ask any questions they may have and have a free gait (Walk) assessment if they’d like or just get some footwear advice (Nope we DO NOT sell shoes).  We set off for the walk again at 630pm.

So if you’d like to get a walk in each week, stretch your legs and keep fit please come and join us. For security reasons we ask that walkers who wish to join us call our clinic on 9673 2987 and we will call you back about location details. We will NEVER use your number for marketing purposes – for us its not about that, its about keeping people fit 🙂