Extreme Heel Pain case study

Extreme Heel Pain case study

A couple of weeks ago a lovely lady presented to me with horribly bad heel pain.  She has been putting up with it for a few months. She works in a hotel where she is busy attending to other people with little time for her to attend to herself.

She had seen a doctor whom sent her for an x-ray, the x-ray showed a spur and the doctor said there can’t be anything done. This doctor prescribed her pain killers and even though taking these she still felt pain. It wasn’t until she saw another doctor who gave a referral

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to our clinic A step ahead foot and ankle care.

When looking at X-rays many times you can see spurs on the heel bone or calcaneus. Most people ,often including family GP’s don’t understand that a spur can exist without pain. It is most often the soft tissue structures that cause pain. When we examined the patient,  we noted

her feet were very flat one of a few “biomechanical” issues (problems with her walk and running style and

posture). This often effects the soft tissue structures causing more strain to the structure called the plantar fascia causing a condition called “plantar fasciitis”. In this case after a series of tests and a detailed case history we discovered this to be her correct diagnosis.

We have started treating this patient,after one session of soft tissue therapy and taping she has already reported she’s no longer taking pain killers! We have also scanned her feet up for custom orthotics to correct her foot alignment with the aim of these custom made devices being to correct her poor foot posture.


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