The relationship between Diabetes and Feet

Diabetes leads to serious problems of the feet. One major problem is neuropathy, which refers to damage of the nerves of the feet and this leads to total loss or reduction in sensation by the feet. If you suffer from this condition diabetes and feet care is important, because the feet will be affected by the effects of the disease. 

In addition to neuropathy, diabetes can also lead to formation of ulcers and wounds on the foot. The skin of the feet may also be affected and it should be monitored by a foot care specialist. A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care Clinic offers special diabetes and feet care to people with diabetes to prevent the onset of secondary conditions like Charcot foot, which refers to collapsing of the Charcot joint found in the midst of the feet, hammer toes or bunions.

You should act as soon as possible to get the right diabetes and feet care. At advanced stages of diabetes, the only treatment option available is amputation; for example, when the bones are infected or there is gangrene. Failure to seek proper diabetes and feet care may even lead to death. 

As soon you notice that your body has a problem with regulation of sugar levels, visit A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care clinic immediately for diabetes and feet care and advice. The Principal Podiatrist of the clinic, Mr Brenden Brown, is experienced in podiatry and will give you the right attention and treatment. He has over 15 years in experience in diabetes and feet care and has in the past been the president of Australasian Podiatry council.

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