Meet SALLY - The Hand Sanitising Station

Meet SALLY - The Hand Sanitising Station

Meet SALLY - The Hand Sanitising Station

Meet SALLY - The Hand Sanitising Station

Oh Yes Amber LOOOOOVES when we make her be in Photos!

Hand cleaning is at present one* of the MOST significant means of stopping the spread of “the virus” aka COVID-19 and one of the easiest ways to keep you safe! When you come to our clinic you will be greeted on the doorstep by one of our fabulous team and you'll meet Sally - the hand sanitising station.

Here we provide you with Alcohol based hand sanitiser. This will thoroughly Clean your hands! You will then be shown through the sanitising process which takes around 30 to 60 seconds. You then get to choose a snazzy pair of purple, green or white gloves. Yes, yes, there is a choice!

While we encourage you to bring your own mask. If you’d like one please ask our team and we will provide you with one

From here we fix up any required billing, make your next appointment so that you do not have to hang around in a communal area afterwards, then it’s quickly in to see our trusted Doctors - yes those Foot Dr, Podiatry people ready to make you more comfortable.

You may notice some of our team busily cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning some more, and then doing more .... yes you guessed, it more cleaning.

We closely follow World Health Organisation (WHO), NSW Health and Australian Government guidelines on clinical based cleaning. Again to any of the practices that follow us we are happy to share share share what we have so please PM us and we will pass on!

Thank you, Thank you, a great big Thank you to all the wonderful patients who are so willingly following our new safety measures with a smile.Thank you also to the those of you sending compliments and encouragement. We’ve received numerous compliments from many of you about how comprehensive our new Cleaning and Safety procedures are.

Any questions, concerns or if you simply need to make or reschedule an appointment, please call our clinic on 9673 2987. We’d love to help!

*Social distancing is Uber important so check out our Social Distancing post!