Health Department Training on COVID-19

Health Department training on COVID-19 and infection Control! Keeping you SAFE is more than just talking the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk! Our team have made it their Priority to Keep YOU SAFE during your visits to our clinic!

Part of this was our team all jumping on to the Australian Department of Health training portal – Undertaking specialised on-line training to keep up to date with the infection control practices available to health practitioners!

Our team all completed this on their weekends off ?, yup and weeks ago!

We continue to stay up to date with daily updates for our team members. We are monitoring day-to-day updates to policies implemented to stay ahead of the virus and provide the safest possible environment for our patients, All while continuing to provide our Essential service.

A MASSIVE thanks to our great team who have been instrumental in driving this vital part of our practice. Another big thanks to their continued dedication and efforts to keep our clinics open and our patients safe.

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COVID Training – Amber Hookey


COVID Training – Fatima Al-Kathmi


COVID Training – Kelly White


COVID Training – Mark Palmer


COVID Training – Heidi Raketic


COVID Training – Brenden Brown