Nailing fungus with laser technology

Nailing fungus with laser technology

Nailing fungus with laser technology - 1

Nailing fungus with laser technology

Fungal nail infection can be unsightly and embarrassing. Not only can it cause the nail to thicken and turn a yucky yellow-brown colour, it can also lead to a nasty smell for some people. The other downside (Yes, there’s more!) is that fungal nail infection is notoriously hard to treat…until now!

If you have a fungal nail infection, you’re certainly not alone. It’s incredibly common and as a result people are willing to do anything to fight it. From drinking apple cider vinegar and applying Vicks VapoRub to slathering the toenail in tea tree oil, there’s a stack of weird and wonderful myths about treating fungal nail. Of course, none of them work.

Podiatrist Dr. Brenden Brown from Sydney-based clinic A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle Care explains, “Even over-the-counter treatments have a low success rate because of the side effects or the fact that the treatment takes months, even years—leading to poor adherence.”

The other important factor to consider when choosing a treatment for fungal nail infection is that fungus lives under the nail. If treatment doesn’t penetrate the nail (as is the case with ointments, lacquers and drops) it’s unlikely to kill the fungus.

This is where laser treatment comes in. Thanks to the wonder of science, laser has shown to be highly successful in treating fungal nail infection. Oversees studies have shown success rates as high as 80%*.

The lowdown on laser

Laser treatment works in the following way:

  • Laser light passes through the nail plate into the nail bed
  • The light is absorbed into the fungi
  • The heat from the light kills both the fungi and the spores

A Step Ahead has been using laser for more than four years with amazing results. Although, not all laser treatments are equal.

Podiatrist Dr. Ryan Romero says, “Some clinics only treat the infected nail but we treat every single nail. We do this because the evidence shows that although you might not see the fungus in other nails, it’s 100% likely the fungal spores are there. Treating just one toenail almost guarantees failure. We treat all 10 toes and that’s why we’re seeing such fantastic results.”

Benefits of laser treatment for fungal nail

  • Highly effective with high success rates reported
  • Kills nail fungus in as little as two or three sessions
  • No anaesthetic required
  • No medication required
  • Faster and more effective than topical ointments
  • Minimal discomfort (just a warm sensation on application)
  • No known side effects

“We see many people who have tried laser therapy elsewhere but haven’t got the results they wanted,” says Dr. Brenden. “There are many reasons for this but it shouldn’t put them off laser treatment all together.”

The right treatment and advice for fungal nail

A fungal nail infection is a lot like a tummy bug; it can be passed on to family members quite easily, so it’s important to do everything it takes not to share it and to prevent re-infection.

A vital part of treating fungal nail infection is finding the cause. Fungal spores live everywhere; in the carpet, in your shoes, in your socks— so it’s important that all of these areas are treated, not just the toenail and surrounding area.

A Step Ahead ensures all its patients are armed with the right take-home advice to banish rogue fungi spores and keep fungal nail infection at bay for good.

Next steps…

If you’re losing the fight against toenail fungus, let us nail it with laser!

A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle Care is based in Western Sydney. We have multiple practitioners with loads of experience treating fungal nail infection!

If you’d like more information please contact our helpful front desk team. They are brilliant at working through what help you need, guiding you to the appointment that is right for you or your family, running through cost and then reserving your appointment time. Call us today on +61 2 9673 2987 we look forward to helping.

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* No medical treatment can guarantee 100% success. Registered medical and health professions in Australia are by law not allowed to guarantee success. This comes as a result of all human bodies reacting differently to treatments. Patients should thoroughly consider all treatment options available to them.