Position: Podiatrist

Are you looking for a career in Podiatry not just a job?

Location: Sydney, Western Sydney
Work Type: Full-time
Classification: Healthcare & Medical / Other
Salary Range: TBA
A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Care


  • We provide an extensive training and mentoring Program
  • 5 years of experience in 1!
  • Join one of Sydney’s leading Podiatry clinics
  • Develop and enhance a broad range of your skills while working
  • Supported by the latest technology. Shockwave, Laser for therapy and Fungal nails, Video gait analysis, 3D scanning and Onsite CADCAM lab.
  • Learn the forgotten skills of custom orthotic modification and how to get the best results for your patients


A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Care is a team dedicated to helping families stay happy, health and active!  We offer busy, loud vibrant clinics which focus on actively helping people toward better health. (it’s more than just toenails!) We offer cutting edge treatment options and technology for all foot and lower limb pain. We have a special interest in Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatry, seeing both national and international level athletes.

We are Sydney’s leading Heel pain clinic, with patients travelling hours across Sydney to see our practitioners. The clinic is a purpose built facility with treatments such as Laser for fungal nails and Shockwave therapy.  Our podiatry team use skills such as Deep connective tissue massage, dry needling, strength and stretching as part of their rehabilitation programs on a daily basis.

The clinic Principal Brenden Brown is one of Australia’s leading Podiatrists. Past President of the Australian Podiatry Association and a regular medical expert in the Australian Media. He will be your mentor and guide as you start your Podiatry career.


We are looking for a highly motivated, experience seeking, hardworking graduate who is looking to accelerate their Podiatry career.  This is NOT a job we are looking for Podiatrists who are looking for a career.

You will work alongside highly experienced practitioners who will be on hand to guide and mentor you through the beginning of your career. You will have full reception / administration support.  No you will not be left alone we want you to succeed!

As part of your role you will be offered mentorship under Brenden Brown our Principle Podiatrist on a regular basis. Where you will be given the opportunity to explore and learn all areas of Podiatric treatment. We will also offer you the opportunity to work on building your business acumen if owning a practice of your own is one of your goals. No we don’t expect you will want to work for us forever perhaps one day you may even want to head out on your own or maybe even open an A Step Ahead of your own!

The role includes a dedicated registrar program where we will teach, enhance and observe your skills. You will spend a period in the program where you will observe only and then move forward towards seeing patients under the careful eye of one of our experienced team members. For weeks you will have an experienced practitioner by your side ensuring you nail each treatment!  As your skills in general care develop we will continue to introduce new techniques to further your knowledge base. Our aim is to develop quality self-sufficient practitioners who can competently manage any podiatry based problem placed in their office.

Worried your education hasn’t taught you enough to know what to do when things go wrong?

Have you learnt all that there is to know about orthotic therapy?

A Step Ahead has its own onsite orthotic laboratory where CNC milling technology, CAD CAM orthotic design and 3D Scanning technology is utilized. You will learn how to make an orthotic from scratch using our modern milling practices. You will be taught to grind like a seasoned lab technician and perhaps most importantly what to do when your patient tells you their orthotic doesn’t work! You will learn what most podiatrists have lost with the invent of orthotic labs – how to make your orthotic actually work and why!

There is more to orthotic therapy than sticking a 4 degree post on a formthotic!

You will have the opportunity to work in our lab and learn skills from technicians that have literally made hundred or even thousands of orthotics from scratch! Learn how your device creates the change that you are hoping for.

Would you like to know why your stretches for “plantar fasciitis” don’t actually make your patient better?

Despite being taught truckloads of information at university many podiatrists still call all heel pain, plantar fasciitis! Have you wondered what to do if the stretches you were taught don’t work or what to do if rolling the patients foot on a frozen water bottle makes no difference?

Our experienced practitioners will see anywhere between 8 – 10 musculoskeletal patients a day. We will teach you not only advanced skills in diagnosing the MANY different types of heel pain pathologies there are, but we will teach you advanced ways to treat them!

You will be taught how to develop treatment plans for your patients that actually work. Most patients come equipped with a thorough base of knowledge, they have learnt the ice water bottle and stretches from Dr Google! You will learn what to do when things don’t add up and you will have experienced practitioners around you to help guide you through your most difficult patient experiences.

Learn when and how to use Deep connective tissue massage with your patients and then apply the therapies. Our clinics are based around musculoskeletal and sports injuries, while we work with physiotherapists you will learn how to apply these therapies on a daily basis! You will learn leading therapies like shockwave therapy, how it works and when to use this on your patients.

Of course there is more, lots more! That’s why we work closely with our new team members through training and mentoring. It’s important to us as well you don’t get it wrong! We have built up a reputation for being leaders in our field we have referrals from not only Orthopedic surgeons, physio’s and chiropractors but also other podiatry clinics. We are frequently the 2nd 3rd or even 4th opinion for some patients. We want you to continue making us to look good!

Worried you may not get the right diagnosis?

We utilise the latest in video gait analysis software and force plate technology to capture what’s needed of your patient’s gait. Our systemized approach and detailed assessments matched with the latest in technology will help guide you towards a clear diagnosis. You will have access to our network of referrers, radiologists, physiotherapist and orthopaedic surgeons who will be able to confirm and assist with your accurate diagnosis.

Don’t want to get lost in the crowd?

We are a small team; we are big enough to be called a team, but small enough so that you won’t get left behind or simply become another number!

We have fostered an open door policy. Simply put our doors are always open for another member to walk in and help, or for you to walk in ask questions.  We encourage and foster a process where we walk in and greet each other’s patients, ask questions or for help or ideas or feedback. We value this as it allows our team to never be short of an answer or lost for ideas. We don’t leave our team alone we like to make sure everyone has backup and feels the A step ahead love.

Work hard play hard? It’s not all hard work!

We’ve worked hard on our team culture and we continue to do the same! Our team is at times a little loud, at times very hard working and at times great fun! We are all individuals, but together we make up a team. We are looking for hard working self-starters who can complement our current team or possibly even bring it more to it.

As a team we are cohesive and dedicated and we pride ourselves on our ability to foster a fun and positive culture.  We enjoy sharing our successes as team, we share regular monthly team bonding activities (including breakfasts, eating out the odd meal and drinks once a week).

The work load is shared across the clinic and we all pitch in and help, yes you will see Brenden grab a mop from time to time. While we have a full Admin team and a clinical team we all like to give a hand where needed.

Worried you may join somewhere and all is not as shiny and bright as it first seems?

Have you heard about the Podiatrist that started with a practice and after all the gloss wore off they were seeing only 4 patients a day?

Or the position where the clinician had to not only see the patient but sterilize all their own instruments while answering the phone and rebooking all the patients?  Fancy a spot of juggling?

With all that can be offered you need some reassurance. How about asking the people who work for the company? So we asked a range of our team members, some past, some present to write what they felt it was like to work at A Step Ahead in their own words.

Ken – Podiatrist

“I love working with A Step Ahead because every day is different. As a new graduate, the opportunity to treat patients using shockwave, DCTM, laser and our own orthotic lab is the best learning environment to be in! Help is literally around the corner if needed and Brenden and Shendi will always look after you and the hard work you put in is always appreciated. We always work as a team and push each other to succeed. We have a very nice team so the atmosphere is very friendly! Coming out of university at the start of the year, I had and still have many questions and challenges which the team helps me in every way and I can't think of a better place to be!” 

While we are not perfect we will be the first to acknowledge that, our aim is to develop independent hard working team members. We will work with you and push you to get the best out of your career! If you are looking for a free ride or somewhere to take it easy – we are not your team! However, if you are looking for a rewarding career (NOT a job), a team atmosphere, and somewhere to accelerate your career we would like to hear from you!

Finding a great place to work can be hard!

The market is getting tighter as more people look to not only find a job but a workplace that offer a career that will move them ahead of the pack!

We are very fortunate that we have people apply to our team quite regularly. However, that doesn’t mean we are finished looking. We are looking now for applicants with that special something that will add value to our team and are looking towards a career which will be both rewarding and challenging.

Make no mistake we are looking for that special something, the capacity to work hard and look to a bright future. You will need to be prepared to work with challenges. Have a thirst for knowledge, be prepared for learning new skills and applying them as you learn.

If you think you fit this bill we encourage you to apply NOW. We will take all applications as they arrive and we DO NOT wait for deadlines or cut offs we employee great people as they arrive. If you are keen for this opportunity, please contact us now before the rest of the pack does!

In Summary

The Role:

  • Get 5 year’s experience in 1!
  • Opportunity to put studies into practice, be mentored and coached by experienced podiatrists as you work.
  • Developing and enhancing general podiatry skills – General Musculoskeletal and Biomechanical as you progress as a clinician
  • Learn skills such as dry needling, soft tissue therapy and shockwave therapy
  • Clinic has its own in house orthotic lab – great opportunity to learn skills many Pods never gain

The Person:

  • Degree Qualified in Podiatry or Diploma or equivalent
  • Must qualify for AHPRA registration
  • Passion for helping others
  • A team player and positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • Willingness to continuous learning and be coached
  • Strong communication skills

This exciting opportunity will provide extensive training and mentoring including one on one coaching with our senior podiatrists, in all aspects of podiatry.

If this sounds like the right role for you, please apply now!


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