Most patients visit A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care Clinic to get answer to the question: how do bone spurs occur? Bone spurs refer to the outgrowth of a small pointed bone in the feet.

How do bone spurs occur?

Bone spurs occur because of inflammation. The inflammation may be caused by tendinitis or degenerative arthritis. The inflammation has the effect of stimulating the cells which are involved in the formation of bones to deposit and form bones in the area and this leads to development of spur or bony prominence. The Principal Podiatrist of the clinic Mr Brenden Brown will answer the question of how do bone spurs occur and at the same time offer advice and treatment.

Most bone spurs occur in the heel bone; sole; in the spine which is next to the foot degenerative discs; around the joints which have cartilage which is degenerated;  or at the back of the foot.

If you ask yourself, ‘how do bone spurs occur?’ you will also most probably want to get information on the symptoms of the condition. The symptoms vary depending on their location but people suffering from bone spurs of the foot may experience tenderness, pain, numbness, and irritation.