Answer – Moderate

Your results indicate Moderate to Significant Pain

You seem to indicate you may have been suffering from your condition for a long time or your pain is quite significant.

In most cases, it is recommended that you seek professional advice. Heel pain can become quite chronic without correct treatment protocols implemented but it doesn’t need to!

If you have previously sought professional advice from another practitioner with no or limited success it may be time to re-evaluate both the diagnosis and subsequent treatment recommendations. This condition is commonly misdiagnosed by well meaning practitioners.

Our clinic is frequently used as a 2nd or 3rd opinion source for many patients. Our treatment protocols are the most advanced available, based around the latest proven techniques used to reduce heel pain. These include strengthening (not stretching), Foot wear recommendation, foot posture advice and soft tissue therapies such as Shockwave and deep connective tissue massage.


Making an appointment is simple.

You can be “old school” and call 96732987 and our SUPER helpful front desk team will run through your needs, options and then reserve your appointment time.

Alternatively, use our Call back system, complete the Short form (no really it’s quite short and painless) and our team will call you back to run through your many treatment options! And yes there are STACKS!

You can also access our guide “treating hard to beat heel pain”



Your next steps to stop heel pain fast


IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide, questionnaire and recommendation should not replace qualified medical advice. The information on this page and website are a guide only. We strongly advise you to consult our Podiatrists or a qualified health practitioner for professional advice.

(No really come on get in and see someone, you’re really unlikely to get better trolling the internet for a cure! Said with love because we care ? )

No medical treatment in Australia can be guaranteed, in fact, it is illegal to do so. Results will vary from person to person.