It’s back to school time and its a great time to look at not only school shoes and uniforms but how about what your kids are popping in their mouths every day? We asked a fantastic local Dietitian Renee Kennedy what advice she would give parents and this is what she says! Renee is available for appointments in Penrith (Please see her website below) We personally recommend her – yes we know, we have been her patients ourselves!

Take it away Renee!


Renee says! ……….It is time to go back to school for a brand new year. Often parents spend a lot of time and energy focusing on their children’s lunch box.  What are the best food choices? Is the plastic safe? Will they like the colour or design? Will it fit in their school bag? All reasonable concerns, but sadly, the humble drink bottle is overlooked. It is not just about what our children are munching, it is what they are sipping that is important too. Good hydration is essential for so many reasons. Our physical and mental functioning can all be affected by not having enough water and children can be more at risk than adults. water

In Australia, the return to school for a brand new year happens right in the middle of summer. This is also when many children return to their summer sports such as cricket, tennis and athletics. These sports along with any other outdoors activities, require additional hydration. Most people are aware of the need to drink more but forget that children need encouragement. This is why having a drink bottle is vital and the first drink of choice should be water.

So, it may be time to go drink bottle shopping! There are many great drink bottles available that are both appealing to children of all age groups and also safe to use for our health. To help you navigate through why & how to effectively hydrate for your child, please refer to the article attached. It is also a good opportunity to remind us adults to keep an eye on what & how much we are drinking too!

Happy sipping!motivate nutrition


Renee Kennedy