Staff Bios

Our Magnificent Team:


Doctor Brenden Brown


(AKA BB or Doctor Foot)

BB With one of his patients he is the one NOT in the yellow skirt!

You could describe Brenden, the founder of A Step Ahead, as engaging, encouraging, enlivening energetic, enthusiastic, vigorous, vital and vivacious and still fall 37 adjectives shy of perfectly describing his passion for work and for life. To say he’s your typical podiatrist is like saying Uluru is just another rock.

How it all began

He began A Step Ahead with the goal of assembling a staff of passionate people with an unquenchable thirst for life. He didn’t just want a team of podiatrists content with the status quo. Instead he wanted a team of podiatrists who dared to think big; who believed that good was the enemy of great; who understood that the harder you work, the wider the window; and who shared his boldness in thinking that they, as a staff, could better the lives of their patients.

To make this goal a reality, he went about organizing a crew. Believing that brilliance feeds brilliance, he, as a rule, only hired people smarter than himself. For as Brenden says, “If I’m the highest denominator, we’re all in trouble.”

And now, after more than 20 years as the face of A Step Ahead (or as he calls himself, “the guy who wears the fez”), his quest for bettering the lives of others has not wavered. Nor has it gone unnoticed. He has appeared on the Today ShowWhat’s Good for YouMornings with Kerri Anne and Current Affair, and has been featured in Men’s HealthCosmopolitan Magazine, the Sydney Morning HeraldNew IdeaThe AustralianThe Daily Telegraph and even the “all-knowing” Dolly Magazine, which described him as an “expert.”

Yet, despite these accolades, the endorsement he prides most came from a potential job candidate who turned down an offer with A Step Ahead under the reasoning, “They are not normal podiatrists. They make their staff work really hard.”

When away from the office, he relishes exploring all of life’s magical possibilities with his wife and daughters.

What patient or patients do you remember most?

One was an older man who could no longer walk his grand kids to school due to severe pain. Soon after we treated him and rectified his pain, he took up bush-walking with his grand kids. And the other patient I remember most was a young man who weighed 160 kilograms. He could not walk past his front gate without pain. So we fitted him with orthoses /insoles, giving him the ability to walk without pain. He then walked so much he returned one year later 45 kilos lighter and in need of new insoles to replace the original pair he wore out.

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

Wow…Truly no one…Isn’t that crazy? I suppose the question should be framed, “Who do I admire?”…I have long admired Nelson Mandela. I admire former Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. I admire any person, who despite popular opinion, has looked towards creating change for the greater good.

Do you have any unknown skills, facts or interests?

When I was young I was taken out of school by the Education Department and placed in what I call a “Hippy Camp.” I was selected as a potential “future leader of Australia” and was taught all sorts of crazy leadership and team building skills. I also had a microchip implanted in the back of my neck, which, I’m told, will be remotely activated when the time is right for me to lead the country. You can decide which bit is true.

What’s your biggest flaw?

Music. I would love to be able to read music, but I’m terrible at it. Also, I’m horrific at skipping.

Who would you be if you could live someone else’s life?

No one. I like the life I have. I love building my own life.

Proudest moment?

I have two:

My little girl’s scripture teacher asked her class, “Who would like to go to heaven?” All the kids in the class raised their hands except my daughter. When the teacher asked her, “Don’t you want to go to heaven?” she replied, “No. I like staying with my mum and dad if that’s okay?”

My little girl was moving from one school to another. The principal from the school she was leaving told my wife, “We will miss her. She is a great little girl, she is school captain material.” My wife cried, and then so did I.


Doctor Rachel Hudson


Rachel was awarded College Dux of her school. Need we say more? No. But let’s give it a try. Rachel, or Rach as most call her at the office, literally, not figuratively, has stars in her eyes. She lists astrophotography as a hobby. (No shame here. We had to look it up as well. It, as the name suggests, involves photographing the cosmos.) And she once gave thought to a career as an astrophysicist. We can’t say for certain but given the fact she considers herself more of a morning person than a night person may have swayed her career path towards podiatry. Whatever the reason we’re glad to have her on our staff. Rachel brilliantly runs our orthotic lab while balancing studies at the University of Western Sydney in pursuit of a podiatric medicine degree. When not chasing career ambitions or telling the man on the moon to say cheese, she enjoys painting, especially with water colours (although given drought conditions she may consider working in oils or acrylics). Rachel hopes to one day visit Nepal and hike the Annapurna Circuit. Not surprising considering the trek’s highest point, Thorung Pass, scrapes the sky at 5,416 meters, which would place Rachel that much closer to the stars above.

What made you decide to join A Step Ahead?

I was a university student who had just started my Podiatry degree and wanted to get my foot in the door (pardon the pun!). Brenden and the team were so welcoming and friendly from the moment I started. I knew I would be working in an environment of continuous learning.

Why should people visit you at A Step Ahead?

People should visit A Step Ahead because we are hands-down the most experienced podiatrist in the area and provide treatment that works. Our staff genuinely care about our patients and their conditions. We want people to get back to living their life to the fullest, so that is exactly what we do- get you back on your feet!

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Peanut butter and chocolate.

If you could have a dinner party with 2 historical/famous figures (living or dead) who would you invite and why?

Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki and JK Rowling - both are very intelligent and would provide interesting conversations.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

If you don’t have passion, then you have nothing. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, why would anyone else?


Shendi Brown

Shen glasses

Shendi yes shes the one without the beard!

Shendi has more titles than Among them include: podiatry assistant, massage therapist, longest tenured staff member, office foot lollie distributor, Brenden Brown’s wife (yes, the same Brenden Brown from the bio above, who founded A Step Ahead), Brenden Brown’s go to girl, and Brenden Brown’s dream instigator. Her expertise in foot care allows her to travel with her husband, attending to the needs of the elderly in aged care facilities, and examining the feet of refinery workers in Brewarrina and Bourke.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention her title of chocaholic. Shen craves chocolate like koala bears crave eucalyptus leaves. There are some on our staff who suspect Shen is Willy Wonka’s secret love child. But her tastes aren’t limited to chocolate. She also has a fondness for French wine. If not at A Step Ahead, she could see herself working as a cross between Willy Wonka and French sommelier. But unless France and Switzerland merge and begin producing Château Lafite-Rothschild-filled bontons, we’re confident Shen won’t be leaving us any time soon.

When not attending feet or pursuing chocolate, Shen enjoys cooking, skiing, scuba diving, exercising, and shopping for clothes.



Amber Hookey

Position: Receptionist

If the Nobel Prize people ever decide to add to its annual award bash the Nobel Prize in Organizing Amber should be the first recipient. She’s to organizing as Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine sequels. She keeps the office running smoothly, greeting and ushering patients in with all the organized efficiency of a seasoned party planner. Which, by no coincidence, she has experience with. All the more reason for her to be granted the Nobel Prize in Organizing – she could plan the awards party. It would also allow her to showcase her balloon sculpting skills. Amber, or Ambz as we call her at the office, is the Rodin of balloon sculpting, specializing in balloon topiary trees and balloon arches – a true heroine of helium. Yet her greatest source of pride comes from being the mother to Joshua, Kyah and Lachlan. (If you’re reading this Nobel Prize people notice how the first initials follow in perfect alphabetical sequence.) Ambz’s ever-present smile conveys her grasp of her favorite quote, “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were big things.” Which, come to think of it, would sound nicely in a Nobel Prize in Organizing acceptance speech.

Why should people visit you at A Step Ahead?

I am the friendly face that greets them as they enter our doors. I love hearing their stories. I’m always ready to lend an ear and have a laugh.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint chocolate chip.

What is your favorite old movie?

Save the Last Dance

If you could have a dinner party with two historical figures who would they be?

Elvis Presley – who wouldn’t want to have dinner with the king of rock and roll? And Lee Harvey Oswald to find out if he killed JFK.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Hard work and persistence wins in the end.