Why Running shoe won’t fix your problem

Running shoes may not fix your foot pain

Running Shoes - are they really the answer to all your problems??

Hi guys, a quick post about something I have been hearing a lot of recently in the clinic.

“I thought I would just change my shoes, and the pain would go away”.

We have all come across a friend of relative who is "getting fit" and is investing into a shoe that is going to MIRACULOUSLY fix their foot pain, hip pain, back pain ....... and the list goes on. These shoes were going to fix everything! You may have even tried this yourself. Only to find that the shoes are not all we had hoped. Meaning our fitness hopes of fitness training, be that walking running or just about anything involving your feet will be ruined if you dont look at more than just buying the latest pair of shiny shoes!

Whilst updating your footwear will certainly help, as new shoes provide cushioning and support for an injured foot, a foot becomes injured for a reason, and reason for that injury needs to be addressed.

This may be:
• a mechanical injury (Your foot rolls in or out too much),
• a growth plate injury (Where the muscle inserts to into the bone),
• a muscular imbalance (Muscles being too tight or too loose),
• or a soft tissue injury (A strain, sprain, tear or simply being overworked).

So it may not be your footwear ?

If you are truly interested in fixing your foot pain and its important to you to reach your health goals, the best thing is to have a proper diagnosis of whats going on with your feet and foot posture. this way you can then be informed of your treatment options to treat the causative factors (why its happening) as well as the symptom!

While symptomology based treatments are often fine in the short term, who wants to fix a problem only for it to return in 6 months time? Yes you can just have massage or wear cushiony shoes to take a bit of pressure off, or even take a pain killer but if you don't fix the real reason behind it your back to PAIN after all this short term stuff runs out.

However if you fix the reason why, then your back on track to getting fit for summer, the pool, that wedding , to play with the kids, the high school reunion, the big fun run or the even the footy season coming up!

So how can we help?

Our team at A Step Ahead actually LOVE helping to get you back on track to fitness! We also have the expertise and experience to expertly diagnose your lower limb problem, and come up with a customised treatment plan, to not only treat your pain, but the cause of your pain as well. We use our computerized video walk and run analysis equipment to accurately analyse your poor walking or running pattern, the Latest 3D foot scanning equipment then design these using our Computer aided design to design them and then make them on our laser Mill and hand finish them in our onsite laboratory. YES we love our technology, we love having the latest and greatest of everything.


Dr Aneesh yes He is the guy with the beard!

We have had the pleasure of treating literally thousands of people just like you to better health and becoming pain Free! We would love to now be able to help you! Please call our very helpful team who will run through any questions you may have and can make a time as required. Please call our clinic on 47322007 or St Marys on 96732987 again we'd love to help.

Dr Aneesh Kesha

Senior Podiatrist

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