Ankle Sprains are the most common form of foot ankle injuries. A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care Clinic records increasing numbers of the patients who seek treatment for these injuries.

Mr Brenden Brown, the Clinic principal podiatrist, has also treated many people suffering from Ankle Sprains for the more than 15 years he has been practising podiatry. Ankle Sprains refer to the tearing or stretching of the ligaments of the foot. The ligaments are the fibrous bands which connect the adjacent bones in a joint.

Ankle sprains occur as a result of involuntary sliding or twisting of the feet when you step on slippery or unstable ground. It occurs when the foot is forced into a position in which it is not used.  The intensity of stretching of the ligaments may sometimes be intense to the extent of causing fracture or serious inflammation and pains.

Ankle Sprains are managed through RICE – meaning Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. REST: do not carry weight or walk long distances; ICE: apply ice packs to the ankles; COMPRESSION:  apply bandages over injured area, and; ELEVATION: lift the foot up so as to remove the oedema.  If you suffer from ankle sprains it is always good to visit a podiatry clinic or podiatrist for proper treatment.

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