Is there more to growing pains than just growing?

Is growing really responsible for your little ones discomfit?

So, your little one is having a tough time and so therefore so are you! There is something not quite right and you just can’t put your finger on it.

It maybe that they seem clumsy, maybe they trip or fall a little more than their friends around their age.  Maybe it’s that they don’t want to walk distances, perhaps they tire out it seems more than the other kids.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things to occur can be a child that for no know apparent reason wakes at night with pain in their feet legs and lower limbs. Sometimes you find them waking in tears with pain. You’ve tried massaging them, or heat packs. You may have tried Panadol and Neurofen.

It may be one of these things, or your little one may have suffered them all! What you need is answers!

The search for answers!

You head to the GP telling them of the things you’ve noticed. Frustratingly you’re told that “they will grow out of it”


“it’s growing pains”


“All kids get that”


“There’s nothing that you can do”


Or perhaps “it’s normal” Whaaaaaat – You scream!!!

We are here to tell you it’s not normal and there is something you can do!

All of the above are classic symptoms we see and recognize as signs your child have foot and lower limb posture problems, and again there is most definitely something you can do!

Your kids should be able to stay happy healthy and active

The aim needs to be to get kids pain free!

We see hundreds of kids who present with their parents with very similar complaints each and every year. Frustrated parents with children who are looking for answers.

One of the nicest things we get to do as practitioners is to get these kids back to health, activity and Pain free! When you present with your little one we run through a detailed history. We examine walking, standing and posture.

We will then recommend treatment aimed at stopping the pain making your child comfortable again. We provide useful suggestions around footwear, prescribe therapies like massage or orthotics alongside possibly stretching and muscle strength exercises – all aimed at kids and aimed to be kid friendly!

Results that make you smile!

There is little that makes your day like having a once uncomfortable child who woke at night crying sit in your office with a big smile! With parents who have equally enormous smiles!

Parents who get to report their once clumsy child is now running around without as many grazed knees.

Perhaps the relived mum who no longer needs to continuously pick her child up or push them endlessly in the pram because they can now walk distances complaint free!

As a clinic we see numerous kids each week, and we LOVE it! There is little greater than knowing you’ve made someone else’s life just a little bit better!  It’s quite addictive!

In an age when we find ourselves complaining that our kids need to “get outside and play” more or to “put your device down” it’s important that we make those times as comfortable as possible. And to ensure they get to do that, and do it pain free!

We write this because too many times we have meet frustrated parent and upset kids who come into our office after being told there is nothing they can do! Only to find they could have been making things better weeks months or even years earlier!

Keeping your kids active should be the goal

First steps

If this relates to you and your family we’d like to let you know we believe we can help! Perhaps this is something that a friend or relative you know may benefit from, if that’s the case we’d love if you’d share it with them so they can find relief! We would love to help if we can.

Our clinic is based in Western Sydney. We have multiple practitioners with loads of experience treating kids! Its our passion!

If you’d like more information please contact our helpful front desk team. They are brilliant at working through what help you need, guiding you to the appointment that is right for your family, running through costings and then reserving your appointment time.

Have you checked out our page dedicated to kids foot problems? Click here for more information.

Our number is +61 2 9673 2987 we look forward to helping