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Why Choose Laser?
Laser therapy is a new and highly effective treatment for this embarrassing and health effecting problem. Is is safe with no side effects and minimal discomfort.
Early treatment is best
While often many patients try to avoid treatment hoping home remedies or nail paints and lacquers will work on most occasion early treatment is the best for a successful outcome. The first signs of nail fungus include small white patches appearing on the nails or a yellow discolouration developing in the nail. When these signs begin to occur the best thing you can do is seek treatment early. Early treatment will cut recovery time meaning your nails will return to a healthy clear look earlier. It also is easier and increases you chances of a quick and successful recovery.
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Fungal nails will not go away by themselves! Time and time again friends advice of home remedies and quick fixes are proven to be good intentioned but sadly worthless. Even pharmacy medicament’s, creams and nail paints are difficult to use confusing and many times can be highly unsuccessful. Laser treatment is highly effective with minimal discomfort and is safe and effective!

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Other treatments

No Anaesthetic Removal of nail –  Requiring sutures (stitches)
No side effect Many Medications have significant side effect such as liver function concerns

Many Patients suffer allergies to medication

Fast Nail paints and oral Medication often take 12 -18 months to show effective results
Effective reliable results

Success as high as 80% + plus

Many nail paints have a very low success rate as low as 10%
Time efficient Treatment are completed in an effective 60 minute time slot