Nothing can lower your dignity and respect like having Smelly feet. If you suffer from this condition, you should visit a podiatrist or podiatry clinic for advice and treatment.

The bad odour from smelly feet may sometimes be so intense that people close to you can smell it even when you are in shoes.  Mr Brenden Brown, Principal Podiatrist at A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care explains the cause of smelly feet as follows:

Smelly feet are caused by bacteria which feed on the sweat produced by the feet. Your feet have to sweat first; then the bacteria will start feeding on that sweat. The bacteria will then start excreting and getting rid of waste. This waste is inorganic acids. These acids have a pungent, bad and rotten smell.  Your feet will stink like hell (if it smells).

Some people think having Smelly feet is normal; to them, it may be normal but to others it is a nuisance. Improper drying of feet after your bath or after stepping on wet surfaces, and then putting on closed shoes will create a medium for the growth and habitation of the bacteria and this will cause Smelly feet.

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