Cold Laser vs Thermal Laser The Facts for You

Cold Laser vs Thermal Laser The Facts for You

Cold Laser vs Thermal Laser The Facts for You

Watch our video to get the low down on laser treatments

The main differences between thermal and cold laser really is the amount of sessions that are required by cold laser to get the same result as thermal.

Thermal laser only requires one, maybe two visits, whereas cold laser requires anywhere between six and ten to get the same result.

So, whilst cold laser initially sounds cheaper, to get the same result, when you add up the fact that you need ten visits, cold laser can become significantly more expensive.

This is where laser treatment comes in. Thanks to the wonder of science, laser has shown to be highly successful in treating fungal nail infection. Oversees studies have shown success rates as high as 80%*.

The lowdown on laser

Laser treatment works in the following way:

  • Laser light passes through the nail plate into the nail bed
  • The light is absorbed into the fungi
  • The heat from the light kills both the fungi and the spores

A Step Ahead has been using laser for more than four years with amazing results. Although, not all laser treatments are equal.

Podiatrist Dr. Ryan Romero says, “Some clinics only treat the infected nail but we treat every single nail. We do this because the evidence shows that although you might not see the fungus in other nails, it’s 100% likely the fungal spores are there. Treating just one toenail almost guarantees failure. We treat all 10 toes and that’s why we’re seeing such fantastic results.”

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* No medical treatment can guarantee 100% success. Registered medical and health professions in Australia are by law not allowed to guarantee success. This comes as a result of all human bodies reacting differently to treatments. Patients should thoroughly consider all treatment options available to them.