Sore Feet? We'll Fix You!

Sore Feet? We'll Fix You!

Sore Feet? We'll Fix You!

How are we different ? Great question! Our team doesn’t rely on

  • Endless stretching routines
  • A wait and see process
  • Try this and come back in 6 weeks

Our team

  • Uses hands on therapies
  • Develop treatments plans to work with and for you
  • Use the latest research based technologies

If you’re serious about beating your pain and you’d like a small team with real passion? We’d love to help 😃

While other Podiatrists are cutting your grandmas toenails 😊 If you’d like our help, the first step is to call our awesome front desk team on 96732987

I hope that helps. Make sure you head to our information below and our links to look up more information about heel pain, foot types, and other sports injuries. We look forward to making you happy, healthy and active.

Have you tried our Heel Pain Calculator?

Want more information? That's fantastic. There's stacks of videos that we've made. Look down below. There's most likely a link there, or check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., all the normal socials because we've got stacks of educational videos on heel pain and all the other conditions that we look after. Thanks and stay happy, healthy and active.


Founder of A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle Care in Sydney, and former president of the Australasian Podiatry Council, Dr Brenden Brown (A.K.A Dr Foot) is a wealth of knowledge on how to take care of your feet, including how to find the best shoes.

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