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Our Dr’s (Dr Foot) Names his favourite treatments for heel pain

I think I've actually got two most significant or treatments that stand out for me as a practitioner for heel pain. The two treatments that stand out for me; one being extracorporeal shockwave therapy, or shockwave therapy. The other being progressive muscle rehab or progressive muscle strengthening. Both of these really have revolutionised the way that we in the clinic treat heel pain.

For me, I've found that they've significantly decreased the amount of time that patients are in pain or suffering from this. From months down to weeks in many cases.

I think it's important to make sure that the people that are delivering this to your or helping you with this have a lot of experience because sometimes, using shockwave can actually increase your pain if it's not delivered in the right way. And I've also seen the same with progressive muscle rehab in that it's not progressive and it becomes incredibly dynamic with practitioners starting at too a high a level.

So, they're the two most improved treatments that I think that will work for you.

I hope that helps. Make sure you head to our information below and our links to look up more information about heel pain, foot types, and other sports injuries. We look forward to making you happy, healthy and active.

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Founder of A Step Ahead Foot + Ankle Care in Sydney, and former president of the Australasian Podiatry Council, Dr Brenden Brown (A.K.A Dr Foot) is a wealth of knowledge on how to take care of your feet, including how to find the best shoes.

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* No medical treatment can guarantee 100% success. Registered medical and health professions in Australia are by law not allowed to guarantee success. This comes as a result of all human bodies reacting differently to treatments. Patients should thoroughly consider all treatment options available to them.