As one grows older, many problems are likely to spring up. The feet are not spared and this is the reason why the older feet need more special care and attention than the feet of the young people.

To maintain good health and shape of your older feet, you should frequently visit a podiatry centre like A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care Clinic.

One of the foot care specialists of the clinic Mr Brenden Brown, who is also the principal podiatrist, has gained experience over the last 15 years in taking care of the older feet. He has also in the past been the president of Australasian Podiatry Council and knows what the older feet need to remain strong.

To keep your older feet in their youthful condition, you should wear properly fitting shoes to avoid suffering from bunions and other conditions which may be caused by application of pressure to your feet by shoes. Podiatrists advise that the shoe size should be modified (increased) to fit the older feet as their mass lessens and the tissues weaken.

It was shocking when a study in a US hospital revealed that over 75% of the older people who were admitted to the hospital wore improperly fitting shoes. This is the case in many other countries; older feet do not get the required care and attention.