Diabetes and Your Feet

Good foot care is essential for people with diabetes.


Two of the problems that may occur for those with diabetes include:

  • Nerve damage or a loss of feeling.
  • Reduced circulation or a loss of blood flow to the feet.
[colored_box variation=”silver”]Cause: The foot has many tiny nerves surrounding it. These over time may become damaged due to diabetes, resulting in a loss of feeling [/colored_box] [frame_right]https://astepahead.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/diabetes.jpg[/frame_right] The foot is also well supplied by many small blood vessels. These may become blocked as another complication of diabetes. If this occurs the blood providing nutrients to the feet will be greatly reduced and this may result in poor or slow healing and increase infections of the skin.

Imagine a situation where a small splinter or stone became lodged in your shoe, due to poor sensation you can no longer feel the stone which creates a sore. This sore will not heel quickly or easily due to poor circulation and also may become easily infected.

Unfortunately this is not a rare occurrence, for this reason GP’s, endocrinologists, diabetic nurses, diabetes centres and even the world health organisation recommend you visit a podiatrist to have your feet checked every 6 months.

How can our podiatrists help?

[frame_left]https://astepahead.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/06.jpg[/frame_left] Our team of highly trained professionals have developed a detailed, in depth and comprehensive testing process, letting you know in detail just how much or how little blood flow and sensation you have in your feet.

This along with other vital information is recorded in a report, which can be sent to your choice of doctor, diabetes centre or endocrinologist, giving them the essential information they require regarding your diabetes and foot care. Our clinic has a long history of working as part of the health care team providing you with professional care you require.

Foot care for patients with diabetes is important, so our friendly team will go through the simple and easy steps to healthy feet. You will be shown a common sense approach to managing your foot care -from what ointments or cream to apply, to what is best for you to wear on your feet.

For patients with diabetes, good foot care is vital. Put your feet in our hands, hands you can trust.